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Febi Bilstein is a very diverse company with over 20,000 items in their portfolio. Some are manufactured  by Febi, some is out-sourced and reboxed. To the best of my knowledge, Febi is not an OEM supplier to the car manufacturers. In most cases their products are high quality though. I  have had only one problem with Febi products over the years and that was over 10 years ago. It was a manufacturing defect that was caught and corrected.

I have sold a multitude of Febi products over my 33 years of European parts sales, and feel confident in selling them now. As most companies are, Febi is sourciing it's manufacturing to many countries to keep the final price to the customer as low as possible. I have seen some Febi items come in with a made in China label on the box, but inside it said made in Germany, so it is possible that some of the components were made in China or the product was assembled there.

I feel confident that all of the Febi products are built under the Febi over sight and I have no hesitation in selling them. When a choice exists you can feel confident with the Febi product and the savings it offers, and if it is the only choice we offer, know that it will fit and perform with good results. When your car is going to be a round for a long time, using the OEM or OE product may be the better choice, as life expectancy may not be as high with ANY after-market part as with the OE or OEM one.


Febi Bilstein is truly an international market leader for vehicle spare parts. With head offices in Ennepetal, Germany, Febi has branch offices in Great Britain, Italy, France and the USA. They're represented on all continents, for a total of 69 countries. The Febi brand is trusted around the world for unsurpassed quality and excellent service.

Febi has a well-known reputation for top-tier quality — they represent the highest quality range of aftermarket parts available.

In all, the Febi product range today covers some 20,000 different spare parts. These are either manufactured in-house by Febi, or are commissioned. Commissioned parts are subject to the same stringent standards as Febi-manufactured products.

For more information on the Febi Bilstein Company plese visit the Febi Bilstein web site.

More information about the Febi Bilstein product line please visit the product page of the Febi Bilstein web site.

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On the passenger vehicle side, European Parts Specialists, Ltd.  offers spare Febi parts for all familiar vehicle types, including the Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen, Saab, Volvo and Mini automobiles. Febi produces parts for all product groups:

  • engine
  • exhaust
  • fuel system
  • front axle and steering
  • rear axle and cardan shaft
  • suspension
  • wheels and brakes

Along with spare parts, Febi also supplies, and we carry in epsparts.com, an amazing amount of DIN parts and assorted engine building components:

  • sealing rings
  • nuts
  • oils
  • grease
  • antifreeze
  • brake fluids
  • disks
  • grease nipples
  • bolts
  • lock rings
  • lock washers
  • cotters and pins


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